Sunday, March 16, 2014

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Day 1
1) Greg feels uncomfortable because of writing a diary. He says that's not a diary but a journal and doesn't want that anyone see him carrying the diary and get the wrong idea.

2)Greg agreed to write a diary a little bit each day if he wauldn't have to do one of the chores on Saturdays. Also when he becomes rich and famous he will not have to answer people's stupid questions about his life.

3)You got to be real careful where you sit because teacher can say these are your permanent seats.

4) It's not very nice option, because they don't let copy off them, this would be a real problem in class like Pre Algebra. Also one can ask to pass note to another and in the note can be an ugly words about Greg.

Day 2
 1) On the first day of summer vacation Greg brother dressed his school clothes and set Greg's clock ahead, woke Greg up and said that Greg has slept whole summer but that luckily had woke up in time for the first day in school. Greg got up and dressed and got downstairs to fix himself some breakfast. Dad came up and saw Greg eating cheerios at 3 a.m. He was wondering what Greg was doing. He didn't believe that Rodrick tricked him.

Day 3
1) I wouldn't like to have Greg in my class because he will laugh from everybody, and copy homeworks.

2)Greg didn't like his younger brother because mom and dad always protect him, and he can do whatever he wants.

Day 4
1) Cheese touch is a "game" where if you get touch by Cheese Touch then you have it until you pass it to somebady else.

2)The only way to protect yourself from Cheese Touch is to cross your fingers. It's hard to remember to keep your fingers crossed all the time, so Greg taped his fingers together for last two weeks at school.

Day 5
1)Greg likes to sleep longer but his dad wakes 6:00 in the morning no matter what day it is and not real considerate that Greg wants to enjoy his Saturday.

2)Greg and his best friend wasn't mentioned till this day because they were caught playing Vikings and Indians by couple of eight graders.

Day 6
1)Greg dad seems to be really interested about sending Greg to boys school.

2)Greg didn't like to go to boys school, he wants to go to school where are boys and girls.

Day 7
 1) No Greg doesn't enjoy mornings before school. Because he has to fix cereal for Manny and clean Manny's potty every day.

2)At the end of last year he did his best to muff up his screening test to make sure that he didn't get put in the hard group.

I really liked this book because it has a lot of fun moments, and I like this type of books.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Devoted Friend

The Devoted Friend by Oscar Wilde is an interesting story about friendship . The Linnet told this story to the Water-rat.
Story was about two friends - Miller and Hans. Hans was devoted friend to Miller, but Miller hasn't been a true friend, he only benefited Hans and requested do many things and did not want to give anything in return. 
When winter comes Miler leave little Hans alone because he knew that it is a difficult time to him. Miller promised to give Hans an old wheelbarrow and reproved it to Hans.
 One very wild night when the wind was blowing and roaring round the house so terribly Miller came Hans and told that his son has fallen of a ladder and hurt him self and has requested Hans to walk and call the doctor. Hans called the doctor but the storm grew worse and worse, and the rain fell torrents, and little Hans could riot see where he was going, or keep up with doctors horse. At last he lost his way, and wandered off on moor, which was a very dangerous place, as it was full of deep holes, and there poor Hans was drowned. 
Everybdy went to little Hans's funeral, as he was so popular, and the Miller was the chief mourner.

1.What are the animals talking in the begining of the story?
2.What does the author (Oscar Wilde) wants to tell the reader (what is the moral of the story)? Why?
3.What are the animals discussing in the end of the story? What are their emotionals/reactions
4.What are your thoughts and feelings after the story?
1. Animals are talking about their children and friendship.
2. Oscar Wilde wants to say that friendship is very important.
3. In the end linnet says that water-rat didn't quite see the moral of the story, so the water-rat got angry and shouted "Pooh" like the critic and went back into his hole.
4. I think that the story was great and involving but ending was a little sad.

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Hello my name is Matas and this is my first blog. Here I will write about my watched movies. So I like to watch movies and especially love to watch action movies and my favorite actor is Jason Statham.